galstudio double wedding hoops detail

Romanticism and Embroidery

The first time I realized how romantic embroidery could be was many years ago when my best friend got married. She was the first from my friends to get married and I printed her “ketubah” (Hebrew vows) on canvas and added hand embroidery all around. Since then, I have learned a lot. I learned much more technique and studied design, and I learned that there is nothing like first instinct, and that YES embroidery is one of the most romantic handcrafts there is. Something in the Sisyphean work with the nostalgic feeling of ancient crafts all combine..  connects me to romance (-:

galstudio wedding embroidery

I can’t write enough about how much I love getting my hands on a couple’s wedding photography. The look in their eyes, the promise, the poses. I love it all!

galstudio vintage wedding 51

(The photo above is actually not from a wedding… their daugther wanted them to have a proper “wedding day” photo and I was so happy to help!).

In the last few month I received many vintage photos, I’m almost sure they are my favorite (all though I have done some with modern photography and it is a close match..)

galstudio vintage wedding

Most of the time I can embroidery on a bouquet of flowers, making it pop out like this one:

Lisa Moon hoop11

but when I need to add some extra it looks great as well:

galstudio wedding hoop 1982 detail

well, here is the bigger picture:

galstudio wedding hoop 1982

You see what I mean about the look in their eyes?? now that’s romanticism!

The best part about my work with these type of printed photography is that it is never the same. I mean, NEVER. Aside from the fact that each is personalized and I do take under consideration the color preference of my clients, each photo truly represent a time capsule of the year and fashion…

How much more 80’s can you get?

galstudio 80th wedding hoop

That was a fun hoop to make (-:galstudio wedding detail alison

Obviously its not just the year, I had a great order from a lovely lady who wanted me to embroidery for her husband parents, after ordering an embroidery for her parents-which I took as the best compliment (-:

galstudio double wedding hoops front

you can see the years are close but still so different, right?

galstudio double wedding hoops

The “1946” hoop was originally a photo of a large group, which I have cropped the couple out for this embroidery. one more, I can’t help myself:

galstudio double wedding hoops side

I will have to share with you some of the more modern photos, but I think that was a lot of photos to take in on one post (-:  and if you still don’t trust me on the “why embroidery is so romantic” issue.. well.. write me and we will see about it (-:

Thanks for staying!


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