Gal Amir, self illustration


This blog is my place to share my thoughts, experience and ideas about the things I’m passionate about: Art, teaching and the way to experiment and create with inspiration that cross our path in life. You can find here ideas for art and craft, to try for yourself and with kids at home, some from my studio workshops – but not just.

Wild Three

Jona turned 3! His talented Mon took his picture as a very wild thing and I was invited to join the party and add something


Frida doll

Since I needed some inspiration for a hand made dolls project I’m currently working on, I thought on going to my inspiration for working in

איור עצמי של גל אמיר מחזיקה פורם ביד

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איור עצמי של גל אמיר מחזיקה פורם ביד

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